My Favorite Scripture

As you all know, I am a stay-at-home mom, author, and full time student. Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe my experience, but somehow I make it work. God gave me a scripture a long time ago, and ever since, when I get overwhelmed I just think of it. When I think of it, I am reminded that he had this planned for me long before I began my educational journey, 5 years ago. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would have the chance to obtain a master’s degree. For that, I am extremely humbled and grateful. Even on the days when I feel that my plate is overloaded, I am reminded that I am a part of His plan and He is preparing me for the work he will have me to do. He has already determined my path and he will always make my way.

The scripture he gave me when I began this journey was: 2 Samuel 22:34 , which states, “He maketh my feet like Hinds’ feet: and setteth me on my high places”.

This scripture tells me two things. First, it says he will give me what I need to get me to where he wants me to go. Secondly, he will set me on my high places. That means my journey is a personal one, between God and I. I am not meant to go where other people go. He has a plan specifically for me and he will give me the abilities to carry out that plan, according to his word.

I hope this helps someone today. It helps me to think of this scripture often, when I feel as though I’ll never “get there” or if I feel overwhelmed. He’s gotten me this far, through an associate’s program, bachelor’s degree, and now he’s there for me while I’m going through a master’s curriculum. I never thought I would ever make it this far, but I’m so glad that I serve a God who sends me to the places I didn’t think I could ever reach. It’s all because of his gift of hinds’ feet.

Thank you for reading,

Marlena Owens


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