I LOVE Philly Swirl Italian Ice! Here’s why…..

As you all know, I’m an author. And when I find a product that touches my soul, I have to let the whole world know!

As a child, my mother and I would curl up together under the covers, watch our favorite movies, and eat our favorite snacks. Most of the time, it was popcorn or ice cream. I looked forward to this quality time with her, but I never imagined the satisfaction a parent could gather from an action so simple, until I had children of my own.


I stumbled upon Philly Swirl products about a year or so ago. My children noticed the brightly colored package and yummy flavors of the smooth Italian ice. Curiously, I placed a box into my shopping cart, without thinking about how much I would come to love this product. Not only because it tasted so good, but because it would become a special part of our traditional movie-time snuggles.


Philly Swirl offers push pops, swirl cups, and popsicles, all made with the wonderfully tasting Italian ice that bursts with smooth fruity flavors. The swirl cups conveniently come with sucker spoons, which add to the delicious flavor. Another great part, for me, is the low calories! My favorite flavors are the sunburst swirl cups and the banana split popsicles. They are all SO good! My husband loves the cotton candy flavors. My girls love the hurricane and rainbow flavors, although all of the flavors are delectable! Now, when we visit the grocery store, we buy at least two or three boxes of each. My girls don’t want any other kind of frozen treat. They’re that good!



I can’t thank Philly Swirl enough for helping to enhance our family time. Most evenings, my girls and I curl up under a blanket with our Philly Swirl products, and watch our favorite movies, just as I did with my mom when I was little. I wouldn’t trade this time with them for the world, because we all know it goes by way too fast. We also share the joy of sparing no expense to make our children’s childhood as memorable as possible, although Philly Swirl products are extremely affordable. You get exactly what you pay for and so much more!


Thank you Philly Swirl! The memories we’ve made with your products will last far beyond the wrinkling of my skin or the graying of my hair. For even then, when I think of Philly Swirl Italian Ice and that special time with my girls, once again, my heart will swell with warmth and a smile will grace my aged face because of the wonderful memories we created.


Philly Swirl has forever made an imprint on my family’s traditions. I am honored to have such a child-oriented and family-oriented company be a part of them! Their “Swirl Up Your Imagination” campaign fits perfectly with what I consider one of the most important aspects of childhood. It was because of my great childhood, and the ability to use my imagination, that I have the ability write page-turning novels! I’m so glad I can provide the same experience for my children!

Magic Hayden.jpg

If you haven’t tried Philly Swirl products, I highly recommend you give them a try! You will not be disappointed. My husband and I both love their products just as much as our girls do! Check out their other great products at: www.phillyswirl.com


What’s another great part of Philly Swirl products? They go great with reading an intriguing novel! Check out my books, Escorting Mr. Colburn and Nora From the Hollow, at: www.amazon.com/author/marlenaowens

Book covers and descriptions below!



In the fall of 1895, in the small town of Hollow Springs, there have been a string of murders. Most of these killings have happened during a fog, causing the townspeople to create superstitions around this naturally occurring event. This time it was Nora Lusk’s husband, Lucius. Lucius wasn’t perfect. He was actually far from perfect. This leads Nora to make a list of three people who were capable of killing her husband. Lucius was known for putting counterfeit money into the church’s offering plate. Therefore, the angry Preacher Cliff is the first suspect. The second, Alice Mabe, was Lucius’ lover. She seemed like the type who would kill someone for the simple reason that if she couldn’t have them, no one could. Lastly, Silas Blanche, saw the way Lucius treated Nora and looked forward to the day he could treat Nora better. Yet, he couldn’t do it with Lucius in the way. Ironically, when the town points their fingers at Nora, she and her beloved friends must work quickly to investigate the twists and tangles of the deep family rivalries, and the small town secrets of Hollow Springs, to clear her name! Just when you think you know what happened and why, another curve ball is thrown into the mix!

Escorting Mr. Colburn


With the sudden death of her parents, Justine is forced to give up college and take care of her younger brother, Sam. Her world comes crashing down even further with the news that Sam’s private school tuition is due. Frantic, Justine seeks the help of her energetic neighbor, Wanda, who volunteers to look after Sam, so Justine can find the money he needs. Since she lives in New York City, she sees an opportunity to become a personal travel agent. In doing this, she will escort visitors to the city, to any destination they would like. Hopeful of her new job title, Justine places an ad in the online trading post, seeking clients. She only gets one reply, but little does she know, that’s the only reply she will need! Join Justine and Craig as they explore the top 3 destinations in New York City (The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and The Empire State Building), learn about love and loss, and experience risks that pay off!

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Best Wishes,

Marlena Owens

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