In a Sea of Authors, Don’t Give Up!

When it comes to reading, there are books upon books. Even more so, there are authors upon authors. One can get lost in the sea of writers, waiting on a little life boat, to hitch a ride on the large publishing company ship.

When one wishes to publish a book, one of the first things that comes to mind is, would anyone read it? The real question should be, would I read it? 

The truth is, there are many people in the world just like you. They may look different and not be completely the same, but if you enjoy the book you’re writing, chances are someone else out there will too. You deserve to be heard. Write the book!

Going back to the sea of authors, it can be easy to get discouraged in today’s world, when it comes to deciding whether to continue to write if you feel like your writing career is going nowhere. I encourage you to observe three points:

  • Ask yourself: Have I tried different avenues to get the word out about my books? This can consist of different websites, paid advertisements, author interviews, etc. Even within the area you live in could be a great place to start! My friends and family have been a great support when it comes to getting the word out about my books. It might also be helpful to think about business cards. I always carry a stack with me. Whether I’m eating at a restaurant, or checking out at the grocery store, I’m always handing them out!
  • Then, ask yourself: Have I tried connecting with other people in the same life boat as I am, waiting for the large publishing company ship to come sailing by? If not, I highly encourage you to do so. There are so many writing communities and websites, including social media, that one can join to connect with other people and exchange advice and experiences. It would also be wise to seek help from your favorite authors. Mine happens to be Jodi Picoult. Her website has some great FAQs. I highly encourage you to check them out!
  • Lastly, ask yourself: Have I given myself enough time to become published? In reality, it takes years to get noticed in any industry. I have set a personal goal to be published by a well-known publishing company within 10 years. This gives me plenty of time to finish school, work on my writing, and get my babies into their teenage years. This also gives me a reason to be mindful and patient. I know that I have plenty of time to focus on my writing and get where I want to go in life. It isn’t so much about how long I must wait to get published. In other words, it may not take that long. I’d rather say 10 years and it happen in 5 than say 5 years and lose the drive and courage to go on after 4 years. I’m setting my goals further out, while continuing the same drive (4 books published every year), so that I can go with the flow and let whatever happen, happen.

That’s why some people do not succeed, at whatever it is that they are trying to succeed at. It’s not that they aren’t good enough or that their books aren’t well-written, it’s the fact that they don’t want to keep going when they’re not recognized for their work, immediately (or within just a few years). One has to realize, if you understand that these things take time, and view it as a long term investment in yourself and your future, you’ll learn to appreciate the small victories and take the pressure of being published off of your shoulders.

To all of my writer friends out there, do not get discouraged. Your time is coming. It may take some time, but hang in there and don’t give up. You never know when that large publishing company ship might sail by, I wouldn’t want to miss it! Don’t give up!

Thank you for reading,

Marlena Owens


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