My First Rejection

A few months ago, I gathered the courage to submit “Escorting Mr. Colburn” to Hallmark Publishing. I knew that I would most likely get denied because of the amount of books I have not published and the amount of time I have not been writing, professionally. I say it that way, because the things I have not done are more quantifiable than the things I have, in the writing world.

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I see this rejection as another opportunity. Hallmark is very specific on their guidelines and do not allow stories that are comprised of life after a significant death, feelings of depression and grief, and they like to keep the mood light. I don’t very much blame them because this is why a lot of people, including myself, like the Hallmark Channel. However, my writing just doesn’t quite fit into the Hallmark genre, at this time.

Instead of getting down about it, I am using this experience as motivation. It’s kind of like the game “Battleship”, which also happens to be my favorite childhood game, besides Clue and Life. In the game “Battleship”, one must blindly aim and fire at an enemies ships. Each miss gives the player an opportunity to know where their opponent’s ships are not. This actually gives them more of an idea where their opponent’s ships might be, so they can make a more calculated strike during their next turn.

I know this is not where I’m meant to go, at least for now. So now, I have a “miss” on my battleship board, but that just means I’m one step closer to finding the things I want in life and that are meant for me.

I will continue to do what I love, no matter if I’m ever picked up by a publisher or not. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I get out of writing my stories. To step into another world, and share that with others, is a gift I don’t ever plan to stop sharing. Also, the level of support from family, friends, and those on social media have been exponential. Publishing my first book has positively changed my life forever. I have met new people, joined a supportive writing community, and found different strengths within me that I never knew were there.

No matter where writing takes me, I’ll always be thankful for the journey and the blessings I’ve received from it along the way.

Thanks for reading,

Marlena Owens

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