The Reviews Are Coming In!

It’s only been about a week and a half since the paperback version of Escorting Mr. Colburn was released and only a few days since the e-book version has been released. So far, this is what readers are saying:


The amount of support that I’ve received with releasing my first book has been overwhelming, in a great way! I was not expecting this many people to read, let alone purchase something I had written. Not because I thought my writing was bad. I’ve always gotten positive feedback on my writing skills. However, I never knew anyone would care enough to read my work. Now that I am over the initial anxiety of publishing my first book, I am keeping the momentum up and am working on my second book! It’s amazing how I’ve gone from “I wonder if I can do this” to “Woah! I’m actually doing this!” The feedback from family and friends has greatly boosted my confidence. I am humbled by the amount of support and can’t thank everyone enough! I’ve honestly learned the only limits you face are the ones you set upon yourself!

Thank you for reading!

Marlena Owens

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